We all know about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's ties to Northeast Pennsylvania, as well as former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's.

But even longtime residents of the Midvalley might not know about a certain Maine senator's link to Dickson City.

Edmund Muskie, a longtime U.S. senator and former Secretary of State under President Jimmy Carter, visited our area several times over the years. His father, Stephen Marcieszewski, settled in Dickson City in 1903 after immigrating from Poland. Marcieszewski changed his name to the more American-sounding Muskie and eventually relocated to Maine, where Edmund was born.

He made a special stop in his father's one-time home on Oct. 24, 1968 as part of a daylong visit to the region on the campaign trail for then-Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey's bid for the White House. Had Humphrey won the 1968 election, Muskie would have served as Vice President.

Four years later, Muskie visited Dickson City again, where he attended Mass at Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church, where his father once attended.