“Blended” by Sharon M. Draper

Blended was a book my family read together and gave us so much to talk about at the dinner table. I was in tears at one point while reading and that’s what stuck with my youngest child. The book is about a young girl trying to figure out where she belongs between having a black dad and a white mom and their divorce. The book is emotional full of confusion, hurt, joy, and anticipation of some large life events.

— Fawn Contreras, youth services clerk, Valley Community Library

“Spoiler Alert” by Olivia Dade

As someone who loves to read fanfiction, Olivia Dade’s book was such a delightful romantic comedy. April Whittier meets Marcus Caster-Rupp online as they both are posting fanfiction for the extremely popular show, “Gods of the Gates,” and they become fast friends. Due to their different schedules and living in different parts of the country, they do not get to meet over the years, but their virtual relationship grows. Marcus knows he can never tell April who he really is, the main actor in the TV show “Gods of the Gates,” or he can risk putting his whole career in danger. After an accidental encounter, Marcus realizes that he has finally met April in person, but struggles to find the courage to tell her who he really is, how he’s known her for years, and how he feels about her.

— Kristen Wallo, adult programming librarian, Valley Community Library

“The Last Mrs. Parrish” by Liv Constantine

This is a story about the lengths one woman will go to covet another woman’s seemingly perfect life. What starts as a chillingly twisted story of manipulation and jealousy, turns quickly into something darker and more scrupulous than ever I imagined. “The Last Mrs. Parrish” had me sitting straight up in bed, late into the night. I was unable to put it down until I was through.

— Bailey Bevans, board member, Valley Community Library

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