Valley View focuses on high schoolers' mental health

Valley View students recently heard from local nonprofit groups focused on mental health. A local chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness gave a presentation to all ninth-graders called “Ending the Silence',' a prevention and early intervention program that engages youth, school staff and families in a discussion about mental health. The Lou Ruspi Jr Foundation presented a free mental health program called "Lead with Grit and Empathy" to all 10th graders. The presentation touched upon a social/emotional learning approach to a better understanding of mental health, the power of building healthy relationships and suicide prevention to support themselves and their peers. These programs were sponsored by the Valley View High School Counseling Department. From left, Lori Kelley, secondary school counselor; Morgan Englehardt, secondary school counselor; Marie Onukiavage, NAMI executive director; Vanessa White Fernandes MS, LPC, RTC; Mia Wascura, secondary school counselor; and Larry Pegula, assistant principal.