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After living in “quarantine” from his infancy to his teen years, Prince Dolor finally experienced the world for the first time. In 1875, Dinah Maria Mulock Craik published Dolor’s explicitly allegorical story, The Little Lame Prince, which served to entertain children and instruct adults. (T… Read more

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Many Americans will soon see a check in their mailboxes. For too many Americans, that check will only help to make ends meet. But the check ha… Read more

Anthropological polymath René Girard found a difference between humans and animals: While it is obvious that animals only exhibit “periodic se… Read more

As a result of feudal arrangements since the times of the Roman Empire, but before the explosion of market demand for wool, England had an int… Read more

My only credentials for saying this are the three decades of dirt under my fingernails. But I think we will have the earliest lawn-mowing seas… Read more

Two weeks ago, we considered the fact that planting trees in a hedge is different that cutting trees into hedges. We also saw that although lo… Read more

Locusts do make good hedges, if you mean hedge in the old English sense of the term. In old England farmlands, hedges were planted, nurtured a… Read more

If you use herbicides, you are merely a living being. But, if you use herbicides to make your world more lovely—in your eyes, or in the eyes o… Read more

Concerned about the health of his favorite tree, a reader recently contacted me. "My blue spruce is losing some needles. Can you help me save … Read more

The next time you go to the New Jersey shore (What other shore is there?), look closely at the clam shells. Or run your finger down the outsid… Read more

Maybe I never quite grew up. But the "wish book" still dominates my perception of the "holiday season." And the way that the season plays out,… Read more

The squirrel family had gathered from far and wide to give thanks. The eldest, a scrawny fellow with half a tail and a mangy coat clinked his … Read more