Dear students and parents of the Mid Valley School District:

The Mid Valley School District is excited to welcome students back to school for the 2020-21 school year.

Over the past several months, the district has been preparing and planning for what is likely to be the most challenging year any of us has experienced. The district plans to welcome students back in a “hybrid” or blended model of in-person and virtual instruction. We look forward to seeing our students again and have missed you all very much.

In the hybrid model of instruction, students will attend school in person two days per week and learn remotely during the other three days. This allows us to follow appropriate distancing guidelines and to limit the number of individuals in our buildings.

We are also offering a fully virtual educational option for students and families. Recent guidance from the Departments of Health and Education will further inform our decisions regarding which modes of in-person or fully virtual instruction will be utilized as the school year progresses. While not ideal, our plans allow flexibility to quickly switch between modes of instruction as conditions warrant.

We know that students want to return to school and see their teachers and their classmates and we know that they need us now more than ever. Providing an environment that is healthy and safe for everyone is our top priority. The approved health and safety plan provides for practices and protocols that follow the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC, Department of Health and Department of Education.

We will do everything in our control

to provide a healthy, safe and nurturing environment.

In turn, we have asked our community to assist us. Staying home when sick, wearing masks, monitoring symptoms, reporting any exposure and practicing good hand hygiene are the best actions we can all take to slow the spread of COVID-19. Masks or face coverings will be required for students and staff in school and on district transportation in accordance with the orders of the Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine and Governor Tom Wolf.

Adjusting to these practices has been challenging, but making a commitment to work together as a community will allow all of us to be more successful in staying safe.

While we had hoped to begin a new school year as normal, the reality is anything but. We fully understand the nervousness and concerns during these uncertain and ever changing times. That being said, the Mid Valley School District is committed to doing everything we can to support all of our students and families. Whatever the coming weeks and months bring us, please know that we are all here for you, our students and families.

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