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Chamber chance logo

The Greater Carbondale Chamber of Commerce has been able to navigate through these unprecedented times during the COVID 19 pandemic by pivoting our fundraising efforts and the support of our members in a different way.

The Chamber had created an online raffle called the “Chamber Chance,” which directly helps various businesses and The Greater Carbondale Chamber of Commerce during this troubled economic period. Having to cancel many of the 2020 planned fundraising events and educational programs offered throughout the year, the Chamber’s budget has taken more than a few unexpected punches. All profits that the chamber receives gets directly donated back to the community, not only supporting small businesses and programs, but providing for the members as a whole.

Strengthening the community, reuniting local businesses to aid each other, and even being able to give local small businesses and business owners a second chance are all positive attributes we have viewed as a result of the “Chamber Chance.” If you are able to support, please do so. You can check out all of the information on the Greater Carbondale Chamber of Commerce Social Facebook page.

Another very important topic that the Chamber has been involved in is workforce and professional development. The Chamber has been sharing different opportunities for our educational institution members on different programs that are being offered. Johnson College, and Keystone College have various relevant programs launched to help people kickstart their careers.

Johnson College has several continuing education programs. One program that they are offering is a certification in CNC operation. This program can be done in the short term, and upon completion can direct graduates to sustainable living wage employment.

Keystone College has created a new department called the Keystone College Professional Development Institute. A wide variety of virtual programs are being provided by Keystone College at the moment. The Professional Development Institute also offers customized training in all areas of business. Some of the programs are offered through the Career Link system. If you have been displaced or laid off, there is funding to help you relaunch your career. If you have any questions or would like further information, please email, and we can guide you in the right direction for assistance.

Please remember to support as many small businesses as you can. Everything helps, even a simple share of their business on social media can go a long way.

John Gorel is the executive director of the Greater Carbondale Chamber of Commerce. If you are interested in becoming a member or getting your business/products involved in Chamber Chance, please send an email to or call 570-536-1925.