If you hear screams coming from the woods near Green Grove Road in Blakely this time of year, don’t be alarmed. It’s the sound of success for Reaper’s Revenge.

The haunted attraction opened last month to scare the daylights out of visitors Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights through Nov. 1. Todd Fedyshyn, co-owner and director of operations and marketing gives you the spooky details on what to expect this year.

Q: What is Reaper’s Revenge known for?

A: Reaper’s Revenge focuses on presenting the “best show” possible each night. No corners are cut and year-round development aims to create a first-class attraction that ensures each guest enjoys their evening. Reaper’s Revenge is an adventure unlike any other, featuring three exhilarating attractions, “Haunted Hayride,” “Lost Carnival,” and brand new for 2020 “Delirium!” Reaper’s Revenge is a breathtaking, heart-pounding experience that is the must-see event of the season. Another significant component of Reaper’s Revenge’s success is the diversity in scares and entertainment featured by the three attractions. Reaper’s Revenge is not just a single haunted attraction but perhaps best described as a broader entertainment package, a destination for those seeking the perfect evening to celebrate the season. Our show lasts over an hour, and we have limited the number of tickets available this season to ensure safety.

Q: With the coronavirus pandemic, did you think maybe you wouldn’t open this season?

A: The coronavirus pandemic has been a challenge for everyone, and our team at Reaper’s Revenge has been committed to opening our show in a safe, scary and always-entertaining environment. We feel it is vital to give our fans a show that helps them enjoy an evening out during a period in which most forms of entertainment are inaccessible to the public. We immediately took a proactive approach towards show modification, implementing strict safety and sanitation protocols as well as training our staff and actors, so we reduce any potential health issues.

Q: What changes will people see this year because of coronavirus restrictions?

A: Reaper’s Revenge has implemented numerous safety protections and operational procedures in place this season. A summary of our operational safety plan is as follows; capacity limits — smaller groups sizes, social distancing etc. — providing handwashing areas and guest information, employee and guest screening, extensive sanitation and cleanliness efforts and compliance with state and CDC guidelines. We have adjusted work schedules and staffing procedures to ensure actors are safe. Furthermore, employees have been trained to follow strict cleanliness and sanitary procedures to protect the health and safety of all guests at our show.

Q: How do you find people to work at this each year?

A: Every season Reaper’s Revenge engages in numerous training and recruitment events. Due to the challenges associated with COVID-19, most of our actor training and recruitment efforts have taken place online. We have a dedicated Reaper Family that returns each season and each is trained to “scare” properly with an added addition of extensive safety training related to the coronavirus pandemic. We have a dedicated team of managers, actor supervisors and controllers that actively coach, monitor and prepare our staff for the season as well as each night on the mountain. Our goal is always to “overprepare” as guest safety and enjoyment are essential to a quality show. Reaper’s Revenge has a full-scale Hollywood quality costume and make-up department, which this year has undergone some changes associated with maintaining social distancing and limiting group sizes. However, our costumes and performers are second to none, and our actors are excited to entertain and scare guests this year!

Q: What’s your favorite part of Reaper’s Revenge?

A: The best part of Reaper’s Revenge is seeing first hand the continued growth and popularity of our attraction. Furthermore, it is a pleasure and honor to work with and help guide the development of some of the most talented individuals in the haunted attraction industry. Reaper’s Revenge is a “family” and we continue to reach new levels of success every season.

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