Carbondale Area celebrates seniors

Carbondale Area celebrated Senior Night for the baseball team

Carbondale Area celebrated Senior Night for the baseball team. Front row from left, seniors A.J. Adams, Matthew Heenan and Raymond Ofner. Back row from left, Holly Sayre, superintendent; Jim Adams, Lauren Mascelli; Joseph Farrell, principal; Ann Heenan; Pat Heenan; Danielle Wenzler; Raymond Ofner Sr.; Stephen Moro, head coach; J.J. Perrri, assistant coach; Louis Mantione, assistant coach; and Larry Gabriel, athletic director.

The Carbondale Area Baseball team hosted Senior Night last month against Western Wayne, who won by a score of 10-4. The three seniors recognized were right fielder A.J. Adams, left fielder Matthew Heenan, and pitcher Raymond Ofner.

“I really enjoyed playing with this team, as most of us have been on teams together since little league,” A.J. said. “The coaches some of the best I’ve ever had and made it a fun team to be on. I’ll be back next year to support from the stands.”

Baseball head coach Stephen Moro noted that the senior have been through a lot of ups and downs of the past four seasons.

“They work hard each day and demonstrate great leadership qualities to the under classmen,” he said. “The CA Baseball program wishes them all the best in their future endeavors.”

Student scientists earn first place awards

Four Carbondale Area students earned first place awards at the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science State Competition. Under the direction of Samantha Masco and Emily Baileys, sophomore Audrey Cobb, freshmen Caden Brennan and Abby Lent and eighth-grader Michael DeRichie took home the gold.

Audrey Cobb

Audrey Cobb

Audrey’s project examined secondary PTSD, where children of PTSD sufferers show symptoms of the same disorder. It was the fourth year Audrey has studied PTSD but the first year she focused on how it has affected children.

Caden Brennan

Caden Brennan

My hypothesis stated more than 60% of children who have parents with PTSD will have secondary PTSD,” she said. “My hypothesis ended up being rejected.”

Caden decided to see how well different disinfectants would work with fighting off bacteria. “During my project, I put a piece of lunch meat all over a cutting board and let it sit overnight,” he said. “After I let it sit, I took many different disinfectant solutions and put them in different sections of the cutting board I had drawn out.”

After letting the disinfectant dry and taking samples from each section, he counted bacteria colonies and logged what he found.

Michael DeRichie

Michael DeRichie

Michael also studied bacteria, although he experimented with different types of hand sanitizer to find out which was most effective.

Abby studied the placebo effect, where some people may experience benefits after administration of an inactive drug or treatment.

Abby Lent

Abby Lent

“My experience with PJAS this year and the state competition was very different with the pandemic,” she said. “Testing people was more difficult, and we had less practice from not being in school. The competitions were different virtually this year because we could not physically attend the competition and could not present our project in front of judges. I learned from my experience this year that we can overcome any challenges faced as long as we put our mind to it and work to the best of our abilities.

Marywood collects chapter, advisor awards

Marywood University’s National Society of Leadership and Success Chapter recently received the Distinguished Chapter Award.

Additionally, Haleigh Zurek, assistant director for campus programming, received the Distinguished Advisor Award from the NSLS.

Marywood University’s NSLS Chapter was one of five from the more than 700 chapters that received the Distinguished Chapter Award. The University’s NSLS Chapter will receive $700 and each executive board member of the chapter will receive $50. Zurek will receive $150.

NSLS chapter advisors are vital in the development, perpetuation and strength of the NSLS mission. Not only are they mentors and leaders to the executive board and local chapter members, but they also serve as a liaison with the campus administration.

Marywood University’s Chapter of the NSLS is overseen and facilitated by the Office of Student Engagement. Inductees of Marywood’s NSLS Chapter Honor Society work with Marywood’s Office of Student Engagement to complete various steps prior to being inducted into the Society. These steps include orientation, leadership training day, meetings with success networking teams, and live speaker broadcasts. Marywood’s NSLS Chapter induction rating during the 2019-20 academic year was among the top 50 across the country.

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