The Lackawanna River flows near West Lackawanna Avenue in Olyphant and Dickson City.

Grab your brooms, because the Lackawanna River Conservation Association wants to reward you for sweeping up your neighborhood.

The group recently launched a street sweeping contest, with cash prizes up for grabs. The theme of the contest is Clean Streets Mean Clean Creeks.

The LRCA wants participants to document their work by taking before and after photos and reporting back to the LRCA several details about the items and materials that they sweep up along the street in front of their homes and or small businesses. The guidelines also encourage participants to respond with a sense of humor and civic pride.

This contest is primarily focused on residents who live in the Lackawanna River Watershed. This includes communities between Pittston, Scranton, Carbondale, Forest City and Uniondale; neighborhoods in Clarks Summit, Clarks Green, Scott and South Abington and communities in the North Pocono area including Moscow, Covington, Elmhurst, Roaring Brook, Spring Brook, Madison and Jefferson. They will also accept entries from nearby communities.

The purpose of the contest is to provide local residents with a close to home activity that benefits their neighborhood environment and the larger environment of the Lackawanna River Watershed, according to LRCA officials.

To enter, participants should wear a mask and gloves. They should use a hose or a watering can to wet down dust and grit before cleaning. They should not pick up litter with bare hands.

Entries must include a before picture of the area to be cleaned. Participants should also include photographs of the bags or cans full of debris and litter, and the area after it is cleaned. Additionally, the LRCA is asking for information about what was collected, including the size of the area swept, the total weight of the debris and litter collected, and what kind of debris it is, including grit, leaf litter, street litter and other. For a full list of contest rules, visit www.lrca.org.

First place prize is $100, second place is $50 and third prize is $25. All three winners will also receive a brand new rake or broom. There will be prizes awarded for largest area cleaned, the largest volume by estimated weight and or number of containers (bags and/or cans) and creativity and humor exhibited in any narrative included with your submission.

The deadline for entries is June 1. Entries can be emailed to lrca@lrca.org.

The LRCA is a community-based, nonprofit organization with a mission to involve community residents with the conservation of the Lackawanna river and its watershed. It promotes the acquisition of land and water resources through the Lackawanna Valley Conservancy and organizes volunteers to conduct stewardship work through their Lackawanna Watershed Conservation Corps.

They encourage residents who are interested in the conservation of our local watershed resources to join the LRCA, which has several volunteer opportunities. Visit their website, email at lrca@lrca.org or call 570-347-6311 to learn more.

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