CA students enter Hall of Fame


CA students enter Hall of Fame

SUBMITTED PHOTO From left, first row: Billy Kovaleski, Bailey Grizzanti, Sophia Calzola, Layla Gregory, Sarah Tolerico and Avianna Pugliese. Second row: Corey Foote, Joseph W. Farrell, CA High School Principal Logan Wormuth, Jonathan Purvis, Caleb Higdon, Emily Kelly, Ellie Higdon, Anthony Mustica, Olivia Liuzzo, Gianelli Prieto, Juliana Galarza and Robert Salitsky.

Each year, school students are required to take yearly assessment tests. The PSSAs are a large part of every student's and teacher's current reality and daily life. Not only does the student get a score or a label, but the teacher and the school are also labeled depending on the students' performance on the PSSAs. A tradition at Carbondale Area High School is to honor the students who score at the top of their class on what is called the PSSA Hall of Fame. The student's photos are posted in the school's entranceway and the students are taken out to breakfast to reward their outstanding performance.

This year, on Jan. 15, the students were taken to Pinky's Restaurant to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Tenth-grade student, Layla Gregory, was one of the top scorers in the English/Language Arts section.

"It's an honor to be a part of this elite group of people. We all worked very hard to achieve the high scores we got, and it was nice to be appreciated for our accomplishments," said Gregory.

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