On April 6, students at Carbondale Area Junior/Senior High School were inducted into the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society.

Students were selected based on their leadership, scholarship, character and service. Senior Rogemarie Navarrete played the piano for the processional and had two musical performances; eighth grader Natalie Giordano sang the National Anthem and Carbondale Area Alma Mater.

The seniors led the ceremony. Mia Perri led the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance and introduction of the speakers, Elizabeth Pantoja and Alexis Price read the history of the National Honor Society, while Sophia Calzola and Joshua Tierney explained the honor and values of the National Honor Society. President Jonathon Purvis, Vice President Alyssa Cosklo, Secretary Ellie Higdon and Chloee Rumford spoke on the four pillars of the National Honor Society. President Jonathon Purvis led the inductees with the Pledge of the National Honor Society.

Lawrence Gabriel III, acting junior/senior high school principal, presented certificates to all the inductees. Teachers Carm Perri and Alyssa Mayne organized the event as advisors of the National Honor Society.