school briefs

Keystone College

The following students graduated during a virtual ceremony on May 23.

School of Professional Studies

Master of Business Administration: John Conte III, Peckville.

Bachelor of Science, Early Education Leadership: Zakkary Agentowicz, Scott Twp.; Michael Thomas Arzie, Scott Twp.; Colby Michael Bailleau, Eynon; Julianna Borosky, Carbondale; Alyssa M. Boshman, Archbald; Kerry Hackenberg, Greenfield Twp.; Erin Marie Kenney, Mayfield; Jordan Kucharski, Olyphant; Brian Francis Lennon, Dickson City; Mariah Ann Loughney, Jermyn; Makaila Mosolino, Carbondale; Felicity Joy Rudden, Archbald; Kimberly A. Schlesser, Dunmore; Elizabeth Frey Stefanski, Dunmore; and Zachary M. White, Childs.

Associate in Science: Laura Grace Kaczmarek, Dunmore; and Lexis T. Kochmer, Greenfield Twp.

Turock School of Arts and Sciences

Master of Science: Amanda Noelle Chorba, Jermyn; Ivala Lyn Gilman, Olyphant; and Amanda Maria Pelucacci, Dunmore.

Bachelor of Arts: Richard Joseph Cox, Carbondale; and Ethan Grant McConnell-Drozdis, Greenfield Twp..

Bachelor of Science: Abigail Aniska, Jermyn; Bryanna Emmett, Simpson; Kristen Marie Hlavaty, Jermyn; Aaron Logan Mancuso, Dunmore; Michael Nally, Greenfield Twp.; Dominic Pesavento, Carbondale; and Kelly A. Trojanowicz, Peckville.

Associate in Arts: Dana M. Hachan, Carbondale; Kelly A. Moran Davis, Eynon; and Ruby Susan Palickar, Jermyn.

Mansfield University

Five local students have been named to the dean’s list for the spring semester:

Paige Jones of Simpson, Gianna Mackreth of Olyphant, Jillian Mackreth of Olyphant, Alex Vonweinstein of Dickson City and Megan Wolfe of Mayfield.

Wilkes University

Amanda Imbalzano of Carbondale was recognized for service to student government at the university’s extracurricular awards marking the end of the 2019-2020 academic year.

Brandon Murnock of Blakely was honored with the award for the highest grade-point average in electrical engineering.

University of Scranton

The following students graduated during virtual ceremonies on May 30 and May 31.

Master’s Degree: Brian Richard Anderle, Dickson City; Mark J. Antonio, Archbald; Paul Biagioli, Throop; Lynn Marie Brink, Throop; Christopher F. Burke, Peckville; Siena Myga’n Cardamone, Mayfield; Kyle J. Chuff, Olyphant; Jill F. Cimochowski, Dunmore; Zachary Nathaniel Coles, Peckville; Francis Thomas Conserette III, Dunmore; Donald Curran Fenocchi, Jessup; Matthew Isaac Fisk, Dunmore; Mia Geneva Lin, Eynon; Alicia Lynn Lipinski, Dunmore; Christa Lucas, Archbald; Jessie Marjorie Magnot, Peckville; Mary Lynn Massino, Dunmore; Bridget McAndrew, Archbald; Kimberley Bryn McGuire, Carbondale; Maura Christine Merli, Peckville; Evan Michael Muchisky, Eynon; Lauren Nardelli, Eynon; Jeffrey Michael Pusateri, Dunmore; Desiree N. Ranella, Dunmore; Sarah Margaret Rosar, Dunmore; Alyssa Leigh Sanderson, Archbald; Shannon Marie Saxon-Price, Archbald; Dominic Swaha, Jessup; Marc Stuckart Sweeney, Dunmore; and Jillian Beth Urnoski, Peckville.

Undergraduate Degree: Tyler L. Atcavage, Forest City; Patrick J. Barney, Peckville; Renzo Barrenechea, Dickson City; Joshua F. Bauman, Jessup; Kyle Bryant Benjamin, Dickson City; Rebecca Christine Brady, Archbald; Sarah M. Brown, Dunmore; Emily Sharon Burden-Butts, Scott Twp.; Kylee Bushta, Archbald; Katrina D. Coviello, Jessup; Michael Anthony DeCarli, Archbald; Edward Peter Gregorowicz, Jessup; Walter Justin Hammert, Archbald; William Blake Hammert, Archbald; Courtney Alicia Higgins, Dunmore; Rachel Anastasia Kerr, Archbald; Kayla Marie Kincel, Dunmore; Kyle John Kolcharno, Peckville; Andrew Thomas Koltis, Peckville; James Philip McKane Jr., Archbald; Christina M. Parry, Peckville; Mark G. Pawelski, Throop; Gina Antonia Perry, Dunmore; John S. Perry, Dunmore; Brandon C. Peters, Peckville; Abigail Marie Roberts, Archbald; Trevor Michael Dalton Rosengrant, Archbald; Mary Catherine Ross, Jessup; Minahil Sami, Jessup; Jonathan Joseph Sembrat, Archbald; Emily Anna Sheehan, Dunmore; Pinky Stanseski, Throop; Nikalina E. Veno, Archbald; Donald J. Vispi, Peckville; and Elizabeth Marie Worrell, Archbald.

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