School briefs

Alvernia University

Marissa Lynn Bennici of Olyphant earned a bachelor of science and masters of science degree.

Bennici, James Cerminaro of Archbald and Olivia Blockberger of Peckville were named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

Bloomsburg University

Rebecca Avery of Dickson City, Santina Coassolo of Peckville, Nicholas Emmett of Jessup, Madison Gasper of Forest City, Emily Kernoschak of Vandling, Robert Leonard of Greenfield Twp., Shane Murphy of Dunmore, Ariana Pigeon of Carbondale, Dominic Possanza of Archbald, Carlo Possanza of Archbald, Abagayle Rumford of Carbondale, Ryley Shemonski of Jessup, Abigail Tierney of Simpson, Mia Tomassoni of Archbald and Francesca Villano of Peckville were named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

Bucknell University

John Piorkowski of Jessup was named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

Cedarville University

Dylan Hancock of Browndale was named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

Shayonna Escalera of Peckville and Julie Krupka of Jessup earned degrees.

Clarion University

Heather Peer of Dickson City and Kayle O’Donnell of Jermyn were named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

Clarkson University

Margaret Katherine Smith of Archbald earned a bachelors degree.

Coastal Carolina University

Cassie Castellani of Dickson City and Kaylee Lorenzetti of Archbald were named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

DeSales University

Allison Lipko of Browndale was named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

East Stroudsburg University

Jessica Brzegowski of Blakely, Brianna Frable of Dunmore, Tommi Golden of Dunmore , Meghan Guarino of Olyphant, Jordan Houston Scott Twp., Rachel McCarthy of Jessup, Mariah Minter of Olyphant, Lucas Nevins of Browndale, Anastasia Shishlo of Dickson City, Alexandra Vorozilchak of Archbald and Mikayla Ziobro of Scott Twp. were named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

Edinboro University

Kaia Marie Neu of Throop and Tonimarie Rosaria Della of Carbondale were named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

Ithaca College

John Culkin of Dunmore was named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

Mikayla Heid of Eynon and Alyssa Meta of Jermyn earned bachelors degrees.

James Madison University

Megan Garrick of Archbald earned a degree in architectural design. She also was named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

Kutztown University

Jennifer Bjork of Scott Twp., Kaleigh Erin Hamil of Clifford Twp., Madison R. Hayner of Carbondale, Rory Anna Misko of Carbondale and Brianna E. Pallo of Jessup were named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

Lehigh University

Mason Black of Archbald and Adam Retzbach of Greenfield Twp. earned the Contribution to Student Life award.

Leah Noldy of Scott Twp., Nicolas Catanzaro of Childs, Madison Harding of Scott Twp. and Hansen Lukman of Dickson City earned bachelor degrees.

Jaykumar Patel of Dickson City earned a masters degree.

Menglin Jiang of Peckville, Madison Harding of Scott Twp., Leah Noldy of Scott Twp., Adam Retzbach of Greenfield Twp. and Mason Black of Archbald were named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

Lock Haven University

Briana Catanzaro of Dunmore was named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

Mansfield University

Shaun Swatt of Mayfield was named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

Marywood University

Erika Anne Bistran of Dunmore, Rebecca Lynne Bonham of Jermyn, Max J. Burke of Dunmore; Juan C. Cardenas of Jessup; Maxwell Christian of Dunmore, Michael J. Cinamella of Carbondale; Caroline Jane Coar of Dunmore, Noah Christian Cogliette of Dunmore; Gabriella S. Day of Throop; Delayne Romayne Depietro of Archbald, Jesse Elizabeth Doyle of Throop; Daniel W. Edwards Jr. of Dunmore; Marla Gambucci of Archbald; Emma Margaret Gaughan of Dunmore; Elizabeth Ford Gavalis of Jermyn; Kirsten Marie Gillern of Olyphant, Kaytlin T. Girard of Dunmore, Kaitlin Corinne Griggs of Olyphant, Tyler Kenneth Hewett of Scott Twp., Samantha Ann Humen of Archbald, Ty Matthew Jackson of Olyphant, Katie Jankauskas of Jessup, Tiffini Maria Kalt of Jermyn, Shaun Michael King of Throop, Kathryn Marie Kraycer of Peckville; David C. Kuzmick of Blakely; Colleen Lamagna of Blakely; Stephen Michael Liuzzo of Mayfield, Kamryn Liuzzo of Carbondale, Gianna M. Manzo of Olyphant; Lindsey V. Marushock of Throop, Nicole Alexis Melesky of Olyphant, Era Nasufi of Carbondale; Thomas Roland Niemiec of Moosic, Kaitlyn Christine O’Connor of Archbald, Sean James Oliver of Eynon, Zachary Thomas Penzone of Carbondale; Miyah Helen Pliska of Jermyn; Angel Elizabeth Popko of Dickson City; Jenna Lynn Reilly of Archbald, Kaitlyn Savage of Carbondale; Michael Kenneth Sebastianelli of Jessup; Alexander Alan Shields of Scott Twp., Haylee Tiana Sileo of Dunmore, Karamvir Singh of Olyphant; Patrick Leroy Smith of Carbondale; Ryan Joseph Strony of Dickson City, Ruiwen Su of Dunmore, Brett M. Sullivan of Jessup, Madelyn Grace Taylor of Scott Twp; Paul Vanvestraut of Olyphant; Sharra M. Walton of Olyphant, Anna E. Warkentin of Dunmore, Tyler Charles Webb of Blakely and Lauren S. Williams of Throop were named to the spring 2021 dean’s list from the from the College of Arts and Sciences.

Angel Ivory Brofsky of Peckville, Molly G. Butler of Dunmore, Samantha M. Calachino of Scott Twp., Larissa Morgan Chmielewski of Dickson City, Chasaty Delawrence of Olyphant, Pasquale D. DeSavino of Peckville, Sean A. Dowling of Dunmore, Shannon Graham of Archbald, Nina Mary Grushinski of Peckville, Holly Hughes of Dunmore, Rebecca L. Janus of Jermyn, Juliana Regina Joyce of Jermyn, Mitchell Francis Kanavy of Archbald, Jessica T. Kozlosky of Greenfield Twp., Brooke V. Longstreet of Scott Twp., Nicholas Macano of Dunmore, Makayla Isabelle McClemens of Blakely, Amber Mettin of Dickson City; Haley Mulea of Carbondale, Madison A. Muller of Dunmore, Leah Pawluck of Greenfield Twp., Marina Pegula of Dunmore, Elizabeth M. Piorkowski of Jessup, Courtney T. Sachs of Dunmore, Taylor M. Seprosky of Archbald, Bethany Marie Serio of Archbald, Noah James Sirianni of Archbald, Sydney Elizabeth Skrutski of Archbald, Mackenzie Taylor Snyder of Greenfield Twp., Giavanna Villano of Peckville, Michaela Wall of Olyphant and Hayley C. Weaver of Dunmore were named to the spring 2021 dean’s list from the College of Health and Human Services.

Emily Borosky of Scott Twp., Colin James Burke of Carbondale, Brianna Elizabeth Campbell of Jessup, Kristen Chorba of Jessup, Julianna Cotroneo of Blakely, Joel Christopher Decarli of Archbald, Gianna Rose DiPietro of Dunmore, Grace Deanna Feeser of Dunmore, Meghan Lyn Foley of Archbald, Alison Dorothy Fortuner of Carbondale, Hadley Grace Gilbert of Mayfield, Tyler Lee Grant of Olyphant, Julia Loraine Kanavy of Archbald, Michael J. Kobierecki of Dickson City, Victoria R. Kotcho of Jermyn, Alyssa M. Krisovitch of Throop, Madison Shelby Kuzdro of Peckville, Becca Laboranti of Olyphant, Jenna Loomis of Peckville, Mia Mandarano of Dunmore, Mia Alexandria Markiewicz of Archbald, Kaitlin Ann McConnell of Mayfield, Shayne Robert Mizok of Scott Twp., Rachael S. North-Mozda of Olyphant, Megan M. Pavlowski of Dunmore, Tyler Joseph Prudente of Scott Twp., Ashley Ann Reddock of Eynon, Lindsey Michelle Reinhart of Dickson City, Amanda Sakulich of Jessup, Mia Santarelli of Archbald, Olivia Noelle Smith of Archbald, Christina Ann Szymczyk of Olyphant, Julia Madison Taylor of Scott Twp., Brooke Elizabeth Thomas of Scott Twp., Taylor Nicole Troiani of Jessup, Faith Elizabeth Ursich of Union Dale and Lauren Ann Walsh of Jessup were named to the spring 2021 dean’s list from the College of Professional Studies.

Moravian College

Nick Beggin of Archbald, Erica Nemitz of Throop and Marley Palmere of Dunmore were named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

Muhlenberg College

Ryan Carey of Dunmore earned a bachelors degree.

Northampton Community College

Lindsey Mattioli of Dunmore, Shelby Drozdick of Forest City, Brandon Deemer of Olyphant, James Fox of Olyphant, Isabela Garcia of Olyphant, Amanda Guman of Olyphant and Mackenzie Fink of Peckville was named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

Saint Francis University

Anne-Marie Larkin of Clifford Twp. was named to the spring 2021 president’s list.

James Wiggins of Carbondale earned an associates degree.

Slippery Rock University

Kathryn Eberhart of Archbald and Teya Heller of Jermyn were named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

Southern New Hampshire University

Michael Horne of Dickson City, Michelle Decroce of Olyphant, Sloane Hubler of Carbondale and Logan Leschak of Throop were named to the winter 2021 president’s list.

Michael Werner of Carbondale was named to the winter 2021 dean’s list.

Susquehanna University

Juliana Innocenti of Jessup, Francis Ross of Archbald and Holly Young of Olyphant were named to the dean’s list.

Erica Allen of Olyphant was honored with the American Chemical Society Outstanding Scholar Award.

University of Alabama

Kathryn Retzbach of Greenfield Twp. earned a bachelors degree. She was also named to the spring 2021’s dean’s list.

University of the Sciences

Jenna Snell of Jermyn and Lauren Torre of Olyphant earned bachelor degrees.

University of Scranton

Abigail Guziewicz of Peckville and Joshua Rudolph of Peckville graduated from the university’s Special Jesuit Liberal Arts Honors Program.

Jessica L. Fanelli of Carbondale graduated from the university’s undergraduate Honors Program.

Kathleen Coar of Dunmore was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army during an in-person ceremony held on campus on May 29.

Sara L. Miraglia of Eynon received the Outstanding Student Award for Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

James P. Calciano of Dunmore, Caleb T. Callejas of Archbald, Ruth A. Deliman of Archbald, Khaya E. Fuller of Olyphant, Alyssa Harrington of Jermyn, Patrick M. O’Malley of Peckville, Danyelle A. Tech of Dunmore, Kyle M. Walsh of Eynon, Danielle M. Warhola of Eynon, Taylor L. Boyle of Peckville, Luke S. Brunetti of Archbald, Caitlin J. Doughton of Throop, Kiera R. Flannery of Archbald, Maggie Kowalewski of Forest City, Sean R. MacCallum of Dickson City, Mario T. Rotell of Archbald, Martin J. Stivala of Dunmore, Jacob K. Vituszynski of Dickson City, Joshua S. Vituszynski of Dickson City, Kyla A. Weckel of Carbondale, Nina M. Bowen of Carbondale, Christina B. Carachilo of Carbondale, Emma R. Coar of Dunmore, Hannah H. Evans of Dickson City, Harshdeep Kahlon of Scranton, Sarah Knutelski of Mayfield, Sidney E. Reinfurt of Peckville, Emily L. Allen of Scott Twp., Kaitlyn A. Cebular of Richmondale, Rebeca R. Chieffallo of Olyphant, Kathleen A. Coar of Dunmore, Jessica L. Fanelli of Carbondale, Alexandra S. Fitzsimmons of Forest City, Abigail Guziewicz of Peckville, Eric E. Hartman of Dunmore, Christina A. Kura of Dunmore, Kasidy Leggin of Archbald, Allison M. McGee of Peckville, Camryn J. Perri of Carbondale, Olivia A. Pisarski of Jessup, Joshua T. Rudolph of Peckville, Tyler P. Schwartztrauber of Carbondale, Justin W. Thomas of Olyphant, Kristina J. Thomas of Archbald, Madison Ziobro of Scott Twp., Lainey M. Kamora of Peckville, Madelynn M. Senatore of Dunmore, Brandon J. Judge of Eynon, Lily A. Mackarey of Archbald, Julia E. Mancuso of Dunmore, Gianna C. Memo of Peckville, Sofia L. Muta of Greenfield Twp., Katelyn Thomas of Scott Twp., Hannah M. Carr of Throop, Sarah E. Ferraro of Jessup, Julia C. Romanovich of Peckville, Marino D. Angeloni of Jessup,c Ashley N. Fischetti of Dunmore, Regan A. Hughes of Dickson City, Maura M. Nevins of Carbondale, Anna L. Totsky of Fell Twp., Dominic F. Angeloni of Jessup, Ross A. Cordaro of Dunmore, Marc Kudrich of Archbald, Marissa E. Angelo of Dickson City, Emma R. Boyle of Peckville, Brandon K. Lam of Olyphant, Gerardo Sanchez Garcia of Dunmore, Maiya P. Bautista of Mayfield, Julia Victoria Joan Betti of Dickson City, Andrew P. Christian of Peckville, Abigail R. Corrigan of Carbondale, Catherine G. Farrell of Archbald, Hallie E. Murphy of Dunmore, Regan E. O’Hara of Peckville, Alexandra T. Wanas of Blakely and Annie E. Yurgosky of Greenfield Twp. were named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

University of Rhode Island

Sydney Scott of Throop and Nathan Seprosky of Archbald were named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

Washburn University

Shannon Miskell of Archbald was named to the spring 2021 president’s list.

Widener University

Alex Savkov of Eynon, Mia Muchisky of Archbald and Matthew Sirotnak of Dunmore were named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

Nicole Zmuda of Dunmore earned a doctorate degree.

Wilkes University

Lucas Snedeker of Scott Twp. and Erin Schaepe of Carbondale earned bachelors degrees.

Frederick Loefflad of Jermyn, Leah Miraglia of Eynon and Kathryn Oakley of Olyphant earned masters degrees.

Nicole Hughes of Olyphant, Courtney Keyasko of Throop, Alyssa Korman and Anthony Stambone of Jessup earned doctorate degrees.

Ashlynn Allison of Carbondale, Erin Schaepe of Carbondale, Cordell Siggins of Carbondale, Giulia Maiolatesi of Carbondale, Corey Gallis of Dickson City, Taha Alzahrani of Dunmore, Olivia Blake of Dunmore, Joseph Maceyko of Dunmore, Megan Oakley of Dunmore, Alex Glucksnis of Jessup, Michael Nowak of Mayfield, Hayley Bondy of Olyphant, Matthew Stankiewicz of Olyphant, Heidi Betz of Olyphant, Maria Good of Scott Twp. and Kirsten Mascaritola of Dickson City were named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

York College

Cameron Demanicor of Clifford Twp. was named to the spring 2021 dean’s list.

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