School briefs

East Stroudsburg University

James Dempsey of Jessup, Casey Paone of Peckville and Marlena Raniello of Dickson City received degrees. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional ceremonies could not take place but all degrees will be conferred upon completion of coursework.

Johnson College

Philip Davitt of Dickson City, Michael Hannah of Dunmore and David Weaver of Carbondale have been named to the President’s List for the fall semester

Mansfield University

Joel Decarli of Archbald, Alex Vonweinstein of Dickson City and Megan Wolfe of Mayfield have been named to the Dean’s List for the fall semester.

Wolfe graduated with a bachelor or arts in English: Professional Writing.

Marywood University

Kerri Lynn Armstrong of Carbondale, Erika Anne Bistran of Dunmore, Rebecca Lynne Bonham of Jermyn, Colin James Burke of Carbondale, Max J. Burke of Dunmore; Juan C. Cardenas of Jessup; Maxwell Christian of Dunmore; Caroline Jane Coar of Dunmore; Jonah Allen Cogliette of Dunmore, Noah Christian Cogliette of Dunmore; Arianna Costanzi of Dunmore; Delayne Romayne Depietro of Archbald; Jesse Elizabeth Doyle of Throop, Daniel W. Edwards Jr. of Dunmore; Brianna Engle of Dunmore, Marla Gambucci of Archbald; Elizabeth Ford Gavalis of Jermyn, Kirsten Marie Gillern of Olyphant, Kaitlin Corinne Griggs of Olyphant, Samantha Ann Humen of Archbald, Ty Matthew Jackson of Olyphant; Katie Jankauskas of Jessup; Tiffini Maria Kalt of Jermyn; Faith Jeanne Kendricks of Olyphant, Brigid E. Kennedy of Dunmore; Shaun Michael King of Throop; Elsa Leonora Kovatch of Archbald; Kathryn Marie Kraycer of Peckville; Justin Richard Kucharski of Olyphant; David C. Kuzmick of Blakely; Colleen Lamagna of Blakely; Kamryn Liuzzo of Carbondale; Stephen Michael Liuzzo of Mayfield; Erin E. Luffy of Dunmore; Gianna M. Manzo of Olyphant; Lindsey V. Marushock of Throop; Nicole Alexis Melesky of Olyphant; Era Nasufi of Carbondale; Kaitlyn Christine O’Connor of Archbald; Sean James Oliver of Eynon; Alissa M. Pelick of Forest City; Zachary Thomas Penzone of Carbondale; Alexis Stephanie Pliska of Jermyn; Miyah Helen Pliska of Jermyn; Angel Elizabeth Popko of Dickson City; Vanessa Pruzinsky of Olyphant; Jenna Lynn Reilly of Archbald; Kaitlyn Savage of Carbondale; Haylee Tiana Sileo of Dunmore; Karamvir Singh of Olyphant, Sydney Elizabeth Skrutski of Archbald, Joseph Francis Slish of Olyphant, Patrick Leroy Smith of Carbondale, Ryan Joseph Strony of Dickson City, Ruiwen Su of Dunmore, Brett M. Sullivan of Jessup, Haley Anne Toczko of Dunmore, Evan Nicholas Tremback of Mayfield, Paul Vanvestraut of Olyphant, Anna E. Warkentin of Dunmore, Tyler Charles Webb of Blakely and Lauren S. Williams of Throop were named to the fall Dean’s List from the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Health and Human Services, and the College of Professional Studies.

Natalie Ardaix of Jessup, Alicia R. Blaine of Dunmore, Molly G. Butler of Dunmore, Rebecca L. Butts of Jermyn, Maggie Carter of Archbald, Larissa Morgan Chmielewski of Dickson City, Mariah R. Cory of Eynon, Chasaty Delawrence of Olyphant, Danielle Marie Demming of Peckville, Nina Mary Grushinski of Peckville, Patrick W. Hartshorn of Dunmore, Juliana Regina Joyce of Jermyn, Karissa Kalinoski of Throop, Juliann Elizabeth Kuehner of Throop, Makayla Isabelle McClemens of Blakely, Amber Mettin of Dickson City, Leah Pawluck of Greenfield Township, Marina Pegula of Dunmore, Elizabeth M. Piorkowski of Jessup, Molly Elizabeth Repecki of Olyphant, Taylor M. Seprosky of Archbald, Noah James Sirianni of Archbald, Molly Katherine Sobolewski of Dunmore, Giavanna Villano of Peckville, Michaela Wall of Olyphant, Hayley C. Weaver of Dunmore, Reece M. Wormuth of Mayfield and Lorna Yushinsky of Archbald were named to the fall semester Dean’s List from the College of Health and Human Services.

Corey J. Bayo of Peckville, Nina Marie Bonavoglia of Dunmore, Brianna Elizabeth Campbell of Jessup, Julianna Cotroneo of Blakely, Gianna Rose DiPietro of Dunmore, London A. Durkin of Peckville, Meghan Lyn Foley of Archbald, Alison Dorothy Fortuner of Carbondale, Hadley Grace Gilbert of Mayfield, Julia Loraine Kanavy of Archbald, Sarah E. Korty of Forest City, Victoria Kotcho of Jermyn, Madison Shelby Kuzdro of Peckville, Becca Laboranti of Olyphant, Kaylee R. Longo of Peckville, John Walter Mandarano of Dunmore, Kaitlin Ann McConnell of Mayfield, Rachael S. North-Mozda of Olyphant, Megan M. Pavlowski of Dunmore, Emily M. Pollits of Greenfield Township, Ashley Ann Reddock of Eynon, Joseph Edward Rossi of Archbald, Amanda Sakulich of Jessup, Mackenzie Morgan Senatore of Dunmore, Olivia Noelle Smith of Archbald, Christina Ann Szymczyk of Olyphant, Taylor Nicole Troiani of Jessup, Faith Ursich of Union Dale, Vanessa A. Vinskofski of Dunmore and Lauren Ann Walsh of Jessup were named to the fall semester Dean’s List from the College of Professional Studies.

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