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The Citadel

Alexandria Carter of Dickson City qualified for the spring 2020 Dean’s List.

Hofstra University

Allison Bennett of Blakely and Skylar Dearie of Carbondale enrolled.

Jared Pallo of Jessup graduated in spring 2020 with a bachelor of arts in journalism and global studies.

King’s College

The following earned degrees, which were conferred during a virtual commencement ceremony in August.

Master of Science: Ashlie Shaffer, Archbald; Jenna Kimmerle, Dunmore; and Jillian Korgeski, Dunmore.

Bachelor of Arts: Alyssa Santarelli, Eynon; and Kendra Kenney, Jessup.

Bachelor of Science: Alyssa Sohns, Jermyn; Nico Sacchetti, Dickson City; Sirena Mehall, Blakely; Benjamin Baileys, Forest City; Joshua Poplawski, Dunmore; and Matthew Nealon, Olyphant.

Miami University

Matthew Boyarsky, Scott Twp., received a master of fine arts in English — creative writing during the summer semester.

Montclair State University

Holly Tornvall of Carbondale graduated with a bachelors of science in business administration in May.

Morovian College

Nick Beggin of Archbald has enrolled for the fall 2020 semester.

Penn State Scranton

The following qualified for the spring 2020 Dean’s List:

John Abda, Mayfield; Maura Andrews, Eynon; Edward Andrukitis, Jessup; Lily Anuszewski, Jermyn; Michael Apostolico, Archbald; Kelly Arnold, Olyphant; Samantha Artone, Carbondale; Juliana Aulisio, Jessup; Megan Auttonberry, Throop; Jennifer Bach, Simpson; Kayla Bebla, Vandling; Nicholas Bednar, Carbondale; Neena Beggin, Throop; Luke Bender, Union Dale; Rhiannon Berghauser, Mayfield; Ryan Blanchard, Eynon; Cole Blasko, Dunmore; Belle Bonczkiewicz, Eynon; Katelyn Bosket, Olyphant; Taylor Burdick, Olyphant; Kelliann Carey, Dunmore; Michael Carrotto, Jessup; Austin Casper, Forest City; Camille Castelline, Archbald; Ryan Meinard Choa, Dunmore; Alissa Chorba, Jessup; Daniel Chylak, Olyphant; Michael Clark, Archbald; Jordan Coles, Forest City; Tia Coyer, Dunmore; Kristi Cucura, Peckville; Shannon Czekaj, Dunmore; Summer Czekaj, Dunmore; Olivia Damski, Archbald; Jasmine Dass, Carbondale; Kyle Davies, Archbald; Logan Desanto, Dickson City; Deyniel Desarden Ruperto, Throop; Deymeliz Desarden-Ruperto, Throop; Patrick Donvito, Dunmore; Samantha Evanina, Olyphant; Cody Evans, Throop; Francis Fajardo, Jessup; Jared Fetcho, Jessup; Mark Finan, Dunmore; Matthew Fischer, Scott Twp.; Colleen Georgetti, Dunmore; Jared Griffin, Throop; Gauri Gurumurthy, Dunmore; Philip Haser, Dunmore; Yaneth Hidalgo-Vasquez, Blakely; Kara Hirjak, Blakely; Nathan Hollander, Scott Twp.; Angel Hunting, Peckville; Adam Kasper, Olyphant; Elizabeth Keddy, Dickson City; Damani Kizer, Carbondale; Jason Kline, Dickson City; Maria Knutelski, Mayfield; Kalei Kowalchik, Olyphant; Kayla Kozlowski, Scott Twp.; Kellen Kraky, Scott Twp.; Nicholas Ksiazek, Olyphant; Zachary Larioni, Throop; John Lasewicz, Olyphant; Gino Leccese, Dickson City; Maren Lindemuth, Dunmore; Caelin Logar, Forest City; Mark Longo, Throop; Dominic Lupini, Eynon; Madison Macknosky, Dickson City; Andrew Manarchuck, Carbondale; Vanessa Mazur, Olyphant; Cody McAndrew, Archbald; Craig Mercanti, Dickson City; Thomas Miller, Carbondale; Amanda Moody, Dunmore; Ralph Morris, Dickson City; Isabella Muncie, Scott Twp. Michael Muracco, Dunmore; Robert Murphy, Dunmore; Nicholas Novobilski, Throop; Vanessa O’Boyle, Dickson City; David O’Neill, Dunmore; Raymond Ondrako, Forest City; Lauren Owens, Olyphant; Aneri Patel, Dunmore; Julie Pesavento, Olyphant; Devin Peterson, Dunmore; Ariana Petrillo, Dunmore; Mariah Petrucci, Throop; Emily Pinto, Dunmore; Zachary Polito, Carbondale; Tressa Potis, Eynon; Corryn Prince, Forest City; Demitri Reece, Olyphant; Britney Reinhart, Dickson City; Samantha Rescigno, Archbald; Alysse Ritter, Peckville; Morgan Romanowski, Scott Twp.; Carole Rosenbergen, Throop; Morgan Ruddy, Jermyn; Bailey Rumford, Carbondale; Lauren Rzucidlo, Jermyn; Evan Samuelsen, Jermyn; Andrew Saniski, Mayfield; Krutik Solanki, Dunmore; Dakotah Sopko, Archbald; Ashley Stangline, Scott Twp.; Silas Stearns, Greenfield Twp.; Kimberly Stout Kramer, Eynon; Jordan Symonies, Carbondale; Sara Thomas, Dunmore; Christian Toussaint, Blakely; Cory Walsh, Dunmore; Vladyslav Yatsuta, Dickson City; Daniel York, Peckville; and Edward Zaleski, Dunmore.

Saint Francis University

James Wiggins of Carbondale recognized for achieving academic honors in adult degree and continuing studies through Francis Worldwide.

Seton Hall University

Colin Moran of Jermyn qualified for the spring 2020 Dean’s List.

University of Scranton

Caitlin Doughton of Throop was among the 13 students from the class of 2024 awarded a four-year, full-tuition Presidential Scholarship. The scholarships are awarded to incoming first-year students with outstanding records in high school and notable community involvement.

Wilkes University

The following earned degrees, which were conferred during a virtual ceremony in September:

Stephanie Bjork of Scott Twp received a bachelor of science in nursing degree.

Taylor Carrubba of Scott Twp. received a bachelor of science degree in environmental engineering.

Thomas Chesko of Archbald received a master of science degree in education.

Haley Skorupa of Fell Twp. received a bachelor of science in nursing.

Jonathan Summers of Throop received a master of business administration degree.

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