St. Ubaldo Society starts season with party

RICH COX / FOR THE VALLEY ADVANTAGE From left: Ken Marchigiani, Justin Scagliotti, Joanne Pirrami, Corrine Sebastianelli, Laurie Marino, Anthony Roberts and Scott Zedar.

The St. Ubaldo Society kicked-off the 2020 season with its 3rd annual Three Ceri Party at Fiorelli's Catering on Saturday, Feb. 8.

Approximately 150 guests attended the Three Ceri Party, which included an open bar, formal dinner, DJ, 50/50 and basket raffle. The event was organized by Laurie Marino, Joanne Pirrami and Corrine Sebastianelli. That evening, each family (S. Ubaldo, A. Giorgio and S. Antonio) announced a capodieci (captain) and capoccetta for La Corsa dei Ceri (The Running of the Saints) on May 23. Primo capitanos and capodieci from previous races were also honored.

The following names were announced for La Corsa dei Ceri or "The Running of the Saints" for 2020: Albert Alunni was named the primo capitano. Ken Marchigiani was named secondo capitano. The Sant' Ubaldo family announced Tony Roberts as capodieci and Josh Roberts as capoccetta. The San Giorgio family announced Justin Scagliotti as capodieci and Jeff Scagliotti and as capoccetta. The Sant Antonio family announced Scott Zedar as capodieci and Matthew Berry as capocetta.

2020 officers and executive board

President: Scott Hall

Executive vice president: Michael Cappellini

Treasurer: Albert Alunni

Recording secretary: Victoria Hanson

Corresponding secretary and public relations director: Jennifer Ritzco

Sergeant at arms: Louis Margotta

Board representatives

The Family of Sant' Ubaldo: KT Cecci, Jesse Donnini, Bernie Fagnani, Mario Hanyon and Gina Marino

The Family of San Giorgio: Curt Camoni, Scott Hall, Louis Margotta, Mark Mariani and Jennifer Ritzco

The Family of Sant'Antonti: Albert Alunni, Michael Cappellini, Victoria Hanson, Nick Rodio Sr. and Nick Rodio Jr.

"This is a society party," said Sebastianelli. "The three families are all here. We support each other. We benefit from each other. There's more to the community then people running in the street. We believe in tradition. This is our heritage. Our grandparents passed it down to our parents, then to us and so forth. We stop by the schools with the small saints (relics) to get the kids interested in the (St. Ubaldo) day."

Upcoming events

The Three Ceri Party was the first of many upcoming events leading to the big race in May. Here are some of the upcoming events:

March 21: St. George March Madness Party

March 28: Annual Bunny Breakfast and Egg Hunt

March 30: Porketta Sandwich Sale

April 1: Fish Fry

May 5: Hospitality Night

The St. Ubaldo Society is a non-profit organization committed to promoting and preserving the culture and traditions of la Festa dei Ceri. The Society supports the St. Ubaldo Society Cultural Center, which serves as the epicenter to the festival's traditions, and is home to the many gifts and relics gifted to the society by the people of Gubbio, Italy.

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