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The Valley Advantage

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Erin Nissley 




Alice Manley 570-348-9100 ext. 9285

Fax number: 570-207-3448

How to submit an item to the Advantage

The Valley Advantage is happy to receive news items from you about your school, workplace or community. It will be easier for us to include your item if you follow these guidelines.

• We prefer you e-mail the information to We still accept items by fax or in the mail, but e-mail is our preference.

• Include the complete street address of any location, including the house number.

• Include a phone number (preferably a daytime number), in case we have a question about your item. We won’t publish it if you tell us not to. But also try to give us a phone number that we can publish, in case our readers want more information.

• If there’s no charge for admission to your event, say so. If there’s a cost or an admission price, include it.

• If you send a photo, give the full names of the people who appear in it, from left to right.

• Be sure to set your digital camera to its HIGHEST resolution setting. It may say "fine" or something like that (every camera is different). Don't worry about sending large photos. 2 or 3 megabytes is great, we can handle it.

• If you take a photo with your phone, again, change the setting to high resolution. If we can use it at all, a typical photo from a phone will appear in the paper about the size of a postage stamp. You don't want that, and neither do we. So send those photos nice and big!

• Try not to use an email program that automatically "compresses" or shrinks down large photos to make them easier to email. That doesn't help us.

• Please do NOT send PDF files, documents with photos embedded or photocopies of photos. Do not fax photos. They cannot be used. Simply "attach" to an email a "txt" or "doc" file containing the information about what is in the photo, and a "jpg" of the photo. We can take it from there.